What We Do


The B2Sstores under the Administration of Kong Posh Industries is the first of its kind compendium to highlight and profile the premier businesses. 20,000 copies will be distributed locally & overseas.

Enhance your business image with B2Sstores and reputation by being featured in a prestigious and quality journal that is the definitive guide of premier business under the administration of Kong Posh Industries.

The B2Sstores under the administration of Kong Posh Industries is available online to access. This online and offline reference benefits you in terms of wider exposure and access investors and your specific target audiences alike.


The write-ups about your business will be penned by experienced and professional writers as per the information provided by you. We cover topics on your company’s history, corporate profile, key personal and of course the services you provide, depending on the pages and sizes you choose The B2Sstores, the contemporary, user friendly and elite looking-design reflect the quality of the business featured.