How do I attract people to my web site, and how much will that cost?

There several ways to drive traffic to websites and you will fit into one of the categories below:

  1. Advertise. You can send them there yourself by printing your web address on cards, printed literature and advertising material. Let’s face it: your website cannot perform at its best if you are not advertising it! This method is low cost for potentially enormous returns.
  2.  Use Paid Placement, such as ‘pay per click’ PPC, This can work well, beware of those who you are hiring to do such job.
  3. Trust. Leave it up to the search engines to find you.b2sstores will help you to bring your site in top ten in search engine.

Risky! Search engines can direct visitors to your website, but putting a site on the web does not guarantee success. Your site needs to show up in the search engine results. That were b2sstores comes in, achieving this is done through SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, Article Marketing, uses SEO to help you improve your sites chances of appearing high in the search results.


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