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We are a young but reputable company with a team that has many years of first hand experience in the furniture and hospitality industry. We seek to produce and furnish commercial spaces, hotels, resorts and restaurants with genuine high quality classic furniture as well as innovative contemporary furniture. With Kaizen, the Japanase philosophy of constant improvement as a guiding force, we continuously improve our products with feedback from our clients. Nothing motivates us more than the feeling watching people happily using our furniture for years…

We aspire to furnish commercial spaces particularly, in the hospitality industry – Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts, Offices, Showrooms.

Having our roots in the hospitality industry, we understand its needs, with over 20 years experience in the hospitality industry and 17 years of experience in teak furniture manufacturing.

In 1990, we opened the doors of our first factory in Jepara, Indonesia. Since then we have developed, manufactured and supplied teak furniture to a vast number of clientele in various countries.


Nature of Business

Horestco is a manufacturer and supplier of commercial grade furniture for homes, hotels, resorts, restaurants, condominiums, projects and other commercial spaces. We specialize in indoor and outdoor wooden furniture, stainless steel furniture, custom made furniture, teak furniture and woven natural and synthetic rattan furniture.

Horestco is a reputable company with a team that has many years of first-hand experience in the furniture and hospitality industry. We have developed, manufactured and supplied furniture to a vast number of clientele in various countries.

We work with our clients, mainly furniture distributors and retailers, architects, interior decorators and contractors – to produce new designs and reduce costs in production and procurement of furniture. We also regularly work with hotels, restaurants and home-owners to produce exquisite custom furniture. Our expertise in working with quality materials such as Solid Timbers – Teak and Mahogany, Weaving Natural and Synthetic Rattan, various Leathers and Fabrics, Stainless Steel and Aluminium, Natural and Processed Marble, Granite and Glass – results in superior quality furniture that is often beyond customer expectations. Horestco adheres to the fundamental principles of offering quality furniture at an affordable cost. We focus on what we do best – manufacturing commercial furniture – and we take pride in our work.

Adhering to our mission “To be the supplier of Choice beyond borders”, we price our products highly competitively without compromising quality, which has made our furniture to acquire a strong reputation. Our excellent relationship with partner manufacturers allows us to keep low inventory levels and have short supply lead times. This allows us to lower our own inventory costs and price our products highly competitively for our clients without compromising quality. We are always ready to fulfill your furniture and furnishing requirements – be it a fine dining restaurant, boutique hotel, condominium, serviced apartment, fast food restaurant or a coffee shop. Our flexibility in increasing our production capacity at short supply lead times allows us to welcome new clients without affecting the production schedule of our regular clients. Please do browse through our furniture catalogue and feel free to contact us should you require any further information.

Brand Names

HORESTCO — Hotel furniture, restaurant furniture, fine dining & commercial furniture.

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