Artificial Grass

Synthetic Turf Grass

Synthetic Turf Grass, Artificial Grass really is the ultimate solution for any Terrace; why not bring the garden upstairs with an Artificial Lawn? Decon designs artificial turf is soft under foot and great to lie on in the hot summer months. Click here to view our fantastic range of synthetic turf grass.

Artificial Turf Lawns

Artificial Turf Lawns, Front gardens can tend to be a real pain to keep on top of, whether it be a detached home, a semi or even a shared location. These areas can often very small and very awkward to access and maintain. With Artificial Turf Lawns you can totally transform them into a perfect manicured lawn effect enhancing the look of the front of your property for yourselves, neighbors and passers-by alike.


Turf Grass Supplier

Turf Grass Supplier, Our range of products features surfaces that are suitable for a wide variety of applications, including residential, school and commercial installations. In contrast to the very first artificial grass products that appeared on the market, advances in material and production techniques mean that our artificial surfaces are very soft and available at low prices, making them ideal for outdoor areas where playground equipment is located, such as public parks and other open spaces.

Artificial Grass Supplier

Artificial Grass Supplier, There is no question that adding Artificial Grass to the front of your property really does create a talking point. Artificial Grass otherwise known as Fake Grass or synthetic grass really does add the wow factor to any front garden, lawn and best of all you won’t have to take the mower round to the front ever again. Decon designs the best artificial grass supplier in town.

Artificial grass, Fake grass, Turf grass, Synthetic grass, Lawn grass

Artificial Grass – artificial grass – fake grass provides the perfect alternative to natural grass. Rain or Shine, Decon designs Turf remains perennially green, silky and soft, with virtually NO maintenance, Decon’s turf artificial grass is tough enough to handle heavy usage, yet gentle enough to let children fall and play. Naturally,

Decon designs Artificial Turf Grass – artificial grass-fake grass for – Indoors and Outdoors

  • Rooftop Lawns, Balconies
  • Clubhouses, Jogging/Walking Tracks
  • Hotels, Resorts, Shopping Malls
  • Road Medians /Traffic Islands
  • Golf Courses and Putting Greens
  • Kid’s Play Areas, Kids Play schools
  • Atriums, Lobbies, Offices

Decon designs Turf Artificial Grass – Not Just Aesthetically Appealing

  • Need no water, virtually no maintenance
  • Fade-resistant, Fire- retardant
  • All-Purpose, all-weather lawn
  • Extremely fast water drainage
  • Non-Allergic & Non-Toxic

Maintenance-Free Permanent Lawns by DECON designs

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