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We are the reliable and most trusted B2B & B2C online shopping, wholesale retail sourcing portal for buyers and sellers on the Internet. Our portal is the leading online wholesale retailer and search engine for connecting retailers and buyers of wholesale products directly with wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors as well as drop shippers, importers, exporters and other types of suppliers. You can find the largest online selection of wholesale products from jewelry appeal, textiles, artificial grass, artificial flowers, saffron tea, saffron coffee, saffron cookies, finest Kashmiri saffron, walnut wood handicrafts & furniture, dry fruits, spices, socks,fabrics,T-shirts, designers bags, birthday cards, wedding cards, seasonal cards, neck ties, spa products, body products, crockery, household products, perfume, toiletries shoes, spice, herbs, cosmetics watches to clothing and handbags to electronics, novelties, toys, furniture, home furnishing, souvenirs & gift items and much more. You can also connect with domestic and global manufacturers, wholesale companies and products & services in today’s challenging market.

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We are all about delivering leads with advertising solutions for every budget. Our resource directory provides lead generation to our advertisers from meeting, party and event planners seeking meeting and event venues and event service providers. B2sstores.com is a top referring site for many of advertisers so that you can increase your business’s visibility and take advantage of our online traffic. We do sourcing for past two decades in any merchandise for our valued customers. we have our own stores in many regions helping small SME’s to setup their business in any desire industry.


At B2S STORES, we recognize that people are our key assets and we strive for personal and organizational excellence as we work towards fulfilling our vision of producing services and a range of Merchandise clearly distinguished by its integrity, value, craftsmanship and style. Expect the very best!


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